The Enemy of Fear

The Enemy of Fear Fear. It’s the paralyzing force that’s been controlling your life, dictating your actions, and crushing your spirit. You’ve allowed it to infiltrate your mind, seize your heart, and muffle your voice. It’s time we talk about it – not in a soft, comforting way, but with brutal honesty. It’s time to […]

The Enemy of Lust

The Enemy of Lust There’s an enemy that lurks within us, an enemy that plagues men from puberty until the day we die. It’s the enemy of lust, a force so powerful that it draws us towards others even when we’re content with our significant other. Lust, the insatiable desire for sexual gratification, gnaws at […]

The Enemy of Envy

The Enemy of Envy Envy. It’s the silent poison that seeps into your heart, tainting your thoughts and actions. You smile, you nod, you say it’s okay. But inside, resentment festers, gnawing at your peace, eroding your happiness. It’s time we confront this insidious enemy with brutal honesty. You’ve allowed resentment to infiltrate your mind, […]

The Enemy of Sloth

The Enemy of Sloth Why would you expect your circumstances to change when you’re rooted in laziness, idly waiting for life to hand you opportunities? This mentality is a dangerous trap, leading to stagnation and discontent. It’s time we confront this enemy – sloth, or simply put, laziness. What you allow into your mind inevitably […]

The Enemy of Selfishness

The Enemy of Selfishness Has there ever been a time in your life when you’ve felt purposeless, lost in a cycle of self-focus, and couldn’t quite pinpoint why? “Men say they do want to serve, they claim that they want to help, and in reality, that is true. The disagreement happens in the application of […]

I Knew He Would Come | Parables from the Pit | Ep 009

Your host Sam Falsafi has Warrior Guest Kevin Voisin join him this week in speaking about the impact that one’s word has on their loved ones. There’s great power between men when they’re willing to share the power of learning how to be spiritual, and that all comes through listening to the Voice within and then acting on it.

The Voice Within | Parables from The Pit | Ep 008

In today’s podcast, your host Sam Falsafi and Warrior Guest Jesse Ewell discuss the Warrior’s Blueprint for Leadership – how it all begins with becoming a Leader within one’s own home. Jesse has learned how to do this along with Sam through listening to the Voice within, which some may know it as the Spirit, intuition, or that gut feeling.

Own Your Truth | Parables from the Pit | Ep 007

Your host Sam Falsafi has Warrior Guest Kelly Curtis on the call to face the barriers of race, culture and religion and how becoming your own man based off of your own definition instead of society’s helps shape you into what you want to be in life.

Leading From the Heart | Parables from the Pit | Ep 006

In this week’s episode Warrior Guest Gus Van Dender joins Sam on the call talking about the importance of recognizing one’s purpose in life. The best way to do that is through listening to the heart instead of the caution that the head is constantly saying to keep us safe. Growth within one’s own purpose doesn’t occur until we are willing to take the leap into following our heart instead.